Circus Street
Location: Brighton
Date: 2012 - 2014
Client: Cathedral Group PLC
The Circus Street site is centrally located within Brighton and Hove adjacent to Grand Parade and Valley Gardens.

The vision is to create a productive quarter of Brighton, both in terms of creativity of ideas and productivity of home grown produce right on the very site of the old fruit and vegetable market. A friendlier, greener neighbourhood where anything from seed swapping to roof top urban farming and orchard picking is locked into the wider network of eclectic shops and food partnerships and cooperatives of Brighton. This would yield an enhanced and meaningful public realm that becomes a destination and a healthy, vibrant, sustainable community model of city life.
Beautiful green spaces, landscaped public squares and a large new events square with the Dance Space and University library at its centre will be able to host street parties, performance and much more. Delightful, curious spaces, all carefully managed and maintained will thread through the site reflecting Brighton’s historical layout.

Architect: ShedKM
Civils and structural engineer: PEP
Environmental engineer : Atelier Ten
Ecologist: The Ecology Consultancy
Transport consultant: JMP Consultants
Daylight consultant: GIA
Planning Consultant: NTR Planning
Lighting Consultant: Michael Grubb Studio
PR Consultant: Natural PR
Access consultant: Standing Start

Photography: © J & L Gibbons