Central London Green Grid
Location: London
Date: 2010 - 2011
Client: Design for London & London Development Agency
The Central London Green Grid Area covers the Central Activity Zone (CAZ) as defined by the London Plan (City of London, most of Westminster with the inner parts of the surrounding seven London boroughs:Camden, Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets,Southwark, Lambeth and Kensington and Chelsea), significant portions of the Central London sub-region (Camden, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth and Westminster) plus Hammersmith and Fulham. The boundary of the area however is purposefully blurred with the inevitable and desirable overlap with surrounding Green Grid areas.
The London Regional Landscape Framework (LRLF) notes that a fundamental connection between London’s underlying landscape upon which London is built needs to be recognized as an ‘integral part of London’s character’. Central London may be perceived as predominantly urban, but human settlement has been layered upon the underlying landscape of the Thames basin, and the remnants of natural, seminatural, man-made and cultivated landscape, much now of heritage significance, offer an insight into important landscape characteristics that also define the area.
Historic Maps
Strategic Opportunities
Project Mapping
Selection of Phase One Projects
Area Chair: Sarah Walton, Assistant Director, Cross River Partnership

Photography: © Sarah Blee and J & L Gibbons