East London Green Grid
Location: London
Date: 2004 - 2011
Client: Design for London & London Development Agency
J & L Gibbons were appointed by Design for London to act as Design Advisors and prepare Area Frameworks for the Epping Forest and the Roding Valley Area and Thames Chase, Beam and Ingrebourne Area. The Area Frameworks support the delivery of the overarching Green Grid vision and strategic objectives. At local level they coordinate the implementation of the projects with assistance from the Design Advisors and Area Chairs.

London is developing more sustainable approaches to development. The East London Green Grid (ELGG) uses natural systems to shape and support growth. It proposes a richly varied landscape and better connections between the areas where people live and work, public transport, the Green Belt and the Thames. By significantly absorbing rainfall, reducing temperatures and improving air quality the ELGG will help east London’s communities adapt to the challenges of climate change.


Landscape Institute President's Award and Strategic Planning Award 2008
Area Chair: Matthew Carrington, Programme Manager East London Green Grid

Photography: © J & L Gibbons